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Supports 600+WHP on on 100% E85 DI only with no Aux Fueling.

VTT "Single Barrel" kit; this kit is a HPFP relocation and overdrive kit. Utilizing your existing HPFP, it is removed, and using our mounting system, mounted in the accessory cluster to be driven by the belt. This allows the pump to be over driven, coupled with our new feed line, and rail modification this provides enough fuel for around 550WHP on 100% E85, with blends it can support even higher.

Included in the "Single Barrel" kit:

  • - VTT Billet HPFP drive housing
  • - New serpentine belt
  • - VTT Billet Stainless Steel drive shaft (pre-assembled in housing)
  • - High speed German ball bearings rated at 17,000RPM (pre-assembled in housing)
  • - VTT Billet HPFP pulley
  • - VTT HPFP housing mounting bracket
  • - VTT Billet stock location HPFP block off plate
  • - VTT High Pressure feed line
  • - VTT Low Pressure feed adaptor
  • - Properly sized drill bit to modify stock fuel rail (this can be done by any shop)
  • - Water line modification parts
  • - Plug and Play wiring harness
  • - All hardware required for assembly

Add an a brand new HPFP to make sure your VTT Shotgun HPFP upgrade is working to its full potential!
The Shotgun system fits most N54 models, and N55 models 2011 only. If you have a question about your model please drop us an email!
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Vargas Shotgun Single Barrel HPFP Kit

  • $799.00

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